What’s a Subluxation?

A Subluxation is a complex phenomena that occurs when vertebra in the spine become misaligned. But, it’s not as simple as the bone putting pressure on the nerves.  Many years, in fact decades, of research by the founding members of the chiropractic profession, who contributed countless hours of study and collaboration to understand the depth and meaning of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex have narrowed their understanding into the model that is widely accepted today. There are 5 components of a subluxation and they are:

1) Bone/Joint Dysfunction (kinesiopathology) – improper movement/biomechanics of a joint or a joint that is undergoing degeneration

2) Nerve dysfunction (neuropathology) – pressure, irritation or interference of a nerve

3) Muscle dysfunction (myopathology) – spasm, tightness or other muscle dysfunction that may be caused by nerve and joint issues

4) Histopathology (cellular dysfunction) – increase cells that cause inflammation and other chemical mediators

5) Pathophysiology – accumulative effect of previous 4 that can cause adhesions, fibrosis, scar tissue, and degeneration to the joints and intervertebral discs.


Every chiropractor, now matter what technique or philosophy  they adopt will adjust subluxations. Their approach and intention may be different but ultimately, they all adjust subluxations that bring the body back to a state of homeostasis, the ultimate condition for successful healing.

When choosing a Chiropractor:

  • Look at their website and get a feel for the techniques they may use (higher force versus low force or a combination of both, like myself).
  • How long have they been in practice? An experienced practitioner brings practical knowledge that only time will provide, but recent grads also hold value.
  • Do they take insurance or are they a cash only practice, like myself.
  • Ask your most trusted friends and family for a referral. My practice is built on word of mouth testimonials.



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