Chiropractic Care

You want relief and you want to get back to living your life without annoying pain. But, is Chiropractic safe and effective?

Let’s face it, when you’re in pain, it can be frightening. You may want to try chiropractic but have heard that you can get hurt or you have to go a million times.

The Truth

A chiropractic adjustment carries a very low risk of serious complication. Depending on the patient’s condition they may experience soreness for 24-48 hours after an initial visit. Similar to how you would feel after a return to the gym after a long absence. Most patients feel the immediate benefit, others take more time. A skilled practitioner can determine a patients tolerance and pair them with the most effective technique. I’ve been in practice over 20 years and have helped many people feel better and lead healthier lives.

How Long Will It Take? It Depends.

What caused the problem? Did you take a fall over the weekend skiing? Did you get into a car accident and now you have back or neck pain? Has it come on gradually after many years behind a desk? The length of time to heal depends on the person and their unique situation.

If you wait for a long time, your problem becomes chronic. The longer you wait the longer it will take to heal. If you take care of it sooner, it will get better faster and your body will be less vulnerable to getting hurt again.

How old are you?

A young body adapts quicker than one that’s been around for a while. Those of us over 40 can relate. Remember the days when you could bounce back quickly? That just doesn’t happen at a certain age. We all know the feeling. But, we can get it under control and chiropractic care can help.

What you do for a living will affect how long it will take to feel better. A 40-year-old landscaper with 20 years experience will likely have tighter muscles and joints that are vulnerable to injury. Sitting behind a desk for 10 or 15 years without regular exercise and a poor diet will take a longer to fully heal. Every situation is different and every person is different. Getting an evaluation will help you find the answers.

What are your goals?

Do you just want to get out of pain or do you want more? Most of my patients feel better quickly and maintain function without a huge commitment. Regular monthly adjustments not only feel great but keep you healthy long term.

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