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Dr. Graves helps moms have more energy, dads improve performance, kids be more focused and the family pet feel better.
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Why I Love Being a Chiropractor

It's simple…I like people and I like being useful. Chiropractic is unique and my patients need to feel comfortable and safe. My many years of experience and knowledge enables a trusting relationship that offers excellent results in patient care.

It's not just about pain relief. Even though most patients feel better, conversations in my office are about the whole person. Regular exercise, good nutrition and rest are all essential to maintaining good health.

I help moms respond to signals that their body is out of balance. I help kids counteract the damage our digital age has created and heal quickly from sports injuries. I help dads improve their health and athletic performance ( And the family pet is paramount to happiness. Chiropractic can help your beloved furry creature feel better.

Get in touch and see if I can be part of the team that keeps you healthy and vital.

"Dr. Graves has treated me for multiple sports related injuries and she has had great success in getting me back to 100%."
Parker K. - Wellesley
"Dr. Julie Graves is intuitive, an excellent listener and I trust her with my entire family's health and well being."
Kathleen B. - Wellesley
"Dr. Julie has been a godsend to me and my health challenges over the past 3 years. As I tell friends, she's more than a doctor ... she's truly a healer!"
Peter K. - Needham